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We provide homeowners with real estate solutions when time is not a luxury. We buy homes fast for cash if you want to sell or we can provide solutions that can let you stay in your home.

Owning a home is said to be the “American Dream”. But sometimes unplanned circumstances can make owning a home a very stressful and emotional burden. No matter your situation, ForeclosureTexasHelp can put you in a better situation and provide the options available to you.

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible, so you can make an informed decision.

“Sold my house quickly and they are working on my credit. I appreciate everything that they have done. Thank you…Foreclosure Texas Help!”

~ Tommy Nguyen

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Our Mission To Help

There are many unplanned circumstances – relocation or job transfer, retirement or downsizing, inheriting a property you can’t keep, job loss or job change, structural issues, pre-foreclosure, divorce, need for cosmetic repairs, death of a loved one, raising cash to pay bills, or difficult mortgage terms. These things can be very emotional and stressful. Just know, there are many, many good people also dealing with similar situations. Each month, 100’s to 1,000+ homes are foreclosed on in texas and surrounding areas.


Robert Zann

I worked with John and he was surprisingly patient with me compared to other people I wanted to work with before. He educated me on what my options were, and guided me on the route to take. We eventually sold my house very quickly and I avoided foreclosure with a lot of money in my pocket. I’m happy I called them from that door hanger or I would have lost my house without getting anything.

Our Happy Customers

Sold my house within two weeks of working with them. I wasn’t living in the house anyway so they helped me with that burden. Just called and the process was smooth

Jake Hilton

They worked with me on keeping my house but I ended up selling it because I couldn’t afford the payments. They educated me on the options I had at the time, which was selling. Very quick process!

Cedrick Robinson

They have a great credit repair team. I removed all of my late payments and bankruptcy from my reports. John educated me on how I can get approved for another mortgage. So thankful that I called them!

Debbie Cohan

The wonderful company on what they are doing for the community!

Obi Okafor

Spoke to Anna, and she directed me to John. Best decision I have ever made in a while.

Paul Henderson

Worked with them to get a loan modification and everything went smoothly.

Lydia Robinson

We Are A Full Service Done For You

Loan Modification

Under this option with Foreclosure Texas Help, you reach an agreement between you and your mortgage company to change the original terms of your mortgage.

Free Credit Repair

Free Credit Repair

We have several credit repair specialists that work with our clients to get their reports looking brand new like nothing ever happen to begin with.

Short Sale

Short Sale

Foreclosure Texas Help Can Process A Short Sale On Your Behalf. If you owe more on your house than what it’s currently worth, the lender may allow a short sale.

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Never A Surprise, Never Any Commissions, And Always On Time!


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